Spring Cleaning Tip: Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Blinds in Birmingham AL

Not sure how to safely clean your blinds?  Simply follow this Spring Cleaning Tip of Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Blinds in Birmingham AL, and you can accomplish the task without any damage to your blinds.  There are 3 basic types of blinds-wooden, fabric and vertical-and the following tips will help make their cleaning and maintenance easy.

  1. Do vacuum across the slats with a brush attachment.  Don’t run the brush up and down the slats.
  1. Do use a lamb’s wool duster across the slats.  Don’t use plastic dusters and do not run the duster up and down the slats.
  1. With vertical blinds, do brush downwards.  Don’t brush upwards, as the slats can become unhooked.
  1. To remove dust and residue from fabric and vinyl blinds, do use a rubber (dry) sponge to wipe firmly across the blinds.  Don’t use a wet sponge or cloth.
  1. To spot clean, do spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a clean dry cloth and wipe the soiled area of the blind.  Don’t spray the cleaner directly onto the blind.
  1. When cleaning wooden blinds, do wet them lightly.  Don’t soak them.  Do clean them in place.  Don’t remove them like you would for other types of blinds.
  1. For fabric blinds, do take them to a dry cleaner.  Don’t attempt to launder them yourself.
  1. To clean metal and vinyl blinds simply follow this technique:  do take the blinds down, take them outside to your patio or driveway and lay them on a small rug or piece of carpet.  Take a few drops of dish washing soap and add to a bucket of water.  Using a car-washing brush, wet it and brush the blinds from side to side.  Turn them over and do this again on the other side.  While tilting the blinds downward so that the water runs off, gently rinse both sides with a garden hose.  To avoid water spots, quickly run your finger down the slats (front and back) a few times to remove any excess water.  Lastly, lay the blinds over a fence or couch to dry.

By following the above-mentioned Spring Cleaning Tip of Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Blinds in Birmingham AL, you will be able to safely and easily clean your blinds.This type of cleaning is usually saved for the spring cleaning time of year and will make maintaining your blinds a breeze until next time.I hope you have found these simple methods useful and helpful for your cleaning needs.And after you clean your blinds, you may want to consider having your carpets or floors professionally cleaned.For your floor and carpet cleaning needs, call Heaven’s Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners at (205)739-1880 or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

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