Protecting Your Hardwoods During Your Labor Day Barbecue in Birmingham, AL

Labor Day is coming up, and you’d love to throw a barbecue to celebrate. But there’s may be one thing that’s holding you back; the damage a party could cause to the floors in your home. The good news is there are ways to go about protecting your hardwoods during your Labor Day barbecue in Birmingham, AL.

Hosting any kind of event or party means heavy foot traffic, and lots of potential for spills, scuffs, scrapes and even holes! However, if you plan ahead there’s no need to worry. At best you can prevent damage to your floors or at the very least be prepared for any unfortunate spills or mishaps.

If you have hardwood flooring be sure to be prepared with a mop and cleaner on hand. It’s not unlikely to have a party guest knock over a beverage – especially if children are present. Having a mop, rags and paper towels handy can keep you from going into full blown panic mode when your friend’s little one spills their tumbler of juice. The best weapon against any stain, whatever the surface, is time. The faster you detect the spill and clean it up, the better.

Another great way to protect your hardwoods is by applying stick-on felt pads to the legs of your furniture.  This will guard against scratches and scuffs if the furniture is moved or slid around during the event. It is common practice for guests to pull up a chair, slide around an ottoman, or even move a side table around at their convenience, having protection between the legs of your furniture and your hardwoods will keep you from worrying every time you see a friend slide a chair across the room.

After you’ve had a successful barbecue and the party goers are gone, give Heaven’s Best a call – we will get that shine back into those hardwoods in no time. After you’ve done all the prep work for protecting your hardwoods during your Labor Day barbecue in Birmingham, AL you’ll be happy to have someone else do the clean up for you. Call us today at 205-739-1880 and schedule an after-party professional cleaning.

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