Protect your carpets from holiday traffic with throw rugs or area rugs in Birmingham, AL

An easy way to protect your carpets from holiday traffic is with throw rugs or area rugs in Birmingham, AL.  Inexpensive rugs can protect your carpet from the increased holiday traffic and any potential spills.  Consider placing some throw rugs down at doorways and high traffic areas to help keep your carpets and floors clean over the holiday.  It is especially important to have rugs at all entry ways.  If you have lots of guests coming, they will inevitably bring in dirt and debris on their shoes.  Some people have a no show policy and take off shoes at the doorway.  This is a good idea, but sometimes is not practical.  So, make sure you have entry way rugs for your guests to wipe their feet.  Just doing this, will keep all the floors and carpets in your home cleaner when guests are coming and going.  Often they are going back and forth to bring in suitcases and all those wonderful gifts.  Along with the gifts they may be bringing in dirt, leaves, snow, mud, etc.…  Another good idea is to place rugs in front of chairs or in front of the couch so any major drops or spills will go on the rug not on your carpet.  Inexpensive rugs that can be cleaned in the washer and dryer are a good idea to use.  This will save you a lot.  And, if you do have any major spots or spills that do end up on your carpets, give Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners a Call at (205) 739-1880.  We have top of the line equipment and specialized cleaning products to get up just about any food or drink spill or drop.  We can clean up coffee, red wine, Kool-Ade, soda, you name it!   We have you covered. So, don’t let holiday guests and extra traffic mess up the carpets in your home.  Protect your carpets from holiday traffic with throw rugs or area rugs in Birmingham, AL  And, if you have any other spills or dropping accidents, just give Heaven’s Best a call at (205) 739-1880 and we can clean up all sorts of messes.  

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