Prevention of Dust Mite Allergens for Carpet and Upholstery in Hoover, AL


Allergies from dust and other particles around the home, school, and work environment have led to many discussions and researches about the best vacuums, floor covering, and treatments to prevent flare ups for those who struggle with dust mite allergy sensitivities. Here at Heaven’s Best Carpet in Hoover, AL, we want to arm you with information to best help you know what prevents dust mite allergens in your carpets and upholsteries.


One critical step to controlling house dust is vacuuming carpet regularly with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. There is certainly a fair share of vacuum hype out there, but what our customers truly want to know is what do doctors recommend and what vacuums have we tested and found effective. Dr. Dennis Spangler, Chief Medical Officer for the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic says, "None of them are any good unless it's a HEPA vacuum. Those types of filters significantly eliminate the dust particles in the room." The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology agrees - one of their Indoor Allergen tips includes the following admonition: "People with allergies should use a vacuum with a HEPA filter or a double bag, since using a standard or water-filtered vacuum cleaner stirs dust up into the air."


Here are just a few other ways dust mite allergen exposure can be reduced by: 

·         Washing bedding items weekly in hot water (55 degrees C or more, special anti-mite additives provide little additional benefit over hot water with normal detergent) 

·         Avoiding non-washable items such as sheepskins 

·         Regularly washing pillows and/or purchasing mite-resistant covers 

·         Washing any stuffed toys 

As you can see these are simple ways to prevent dust mite allergens in your home. It is always recommended to also have your carpets and upholstery cleaned professionally once a year. Give us a call at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning at 205-618-9150 and let us help you get a great start to freeing your home of dust mite allergens with a carpet and upholstery cleaning today!

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