One Reason your House isn’t Selling – It Smells! Eliminate Odors with Carpet Cleaning from Heaven’s Best of Birmingham, AL

If your home sits idle in a seller’s market, it’s time to get to the root of the problem.

It’s a seller’s market in many cities across the U.S. If your home isn’t getting offers, something could be wrong. The good news? Knowing there’s a problem is the first step toward resolving it. However, there could be many reasons your house isn’t selling. One of the reasons your house isn’t selling could be that it smells!  Eliminate odors simply with a Professional Carpet Cleaning from Heaven’s Best of Birmingham, AL.

One Reason your house isn’t selling - The house smells bad!

There’s a saying in real estate: “If I can smell it, I can’t sell it,” says Joshua Spotts, a Memphis, TN, agent. If you’re immune to the smell of your home, get a friend’s honest opinion. “There is nothing like entering a house and smelling a refreshing scent,” says Spotts.

Solution: Sometimes the remedy is a scented candle or freshly baked cookies.  But if your house’s odor is persistent, it’s a good idea to determine what’s causing it and address it.  If the odors are coming from your carpets, there is a very simple solution, have them professionally cleaned.  Even if your home doesn’t smell, an easy way to freshen your home and make it look cleaner and smell better is to have a professional carpet cleaning.  Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners has very affordable rates, so this is an easy answer to smells coming from your carpets.  And, with all our carpet cleanings, we give you FREE CITRUS DEODORIZER.  Our cleaning solutions, spotters and deodorizer are all citrus based, so your home will look and smell clean after a carpet cleaning from us.  One of the reasons we started Heaven’s Best here in Birmingham, is because we found all of the Heaven’s Best cleaning products to be far superior then any others we had tried.  And, they have a very pleasant citrus smell that is not overpowering or chemical smelling.  They smell more like fresh-picked oranges and lemons.  So, if you think the one reason your house isn’t selling is that it smells!  Eliminate odors with a professional Carpet Cleaning from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham, AL. Contact Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners at (205) 739-1880 to schedule a professional cleaning today!

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