Office Furniture cleaning in Doctor and Dentist Offices in Birmingham AL

Many companies overlook their office furniture when cleaning, not realizing that it is probably the most exposed surface to dirt and contaminates in their office.  Don’t forget to have your Office Furniture cleaned at your Doctor or Dentist office in Birmingham AL.  Because patients in Doctor and Dentist offices and pretty much any type of office spend the majority of their time in the waiting room sitting on the waiting room chairs, guess what gets very dirty?  Waiting Room Chairs!  And, because these chairs are used so much, they are usually made out of synthetic fibers so they are very durable.  And even though synthetic is a very durable fiber, it is not necessarily the best fiber to keep clean.  Synthetic fibers actually attract oil to themselves.  And guess what puts off oil?  Us, people and patients!  Yes the body oil of your patients is attracted to synthetic upholstery and is left behind on your waiting room chairs. If this doesn’t sound very pleasant to think about, not to worry, Heaven’s Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners can help! 

Heaven’s Best cleans all sorts of upholstered furniture including office furniture.  We have specialized cleaning products that work very well on waiting room chairs as well as sofa’s, love seats, club chairs, benches, bar stools and even dry clean only upholstery.  So, if it has been a while since you had the furniture in your office cleaned, give Heaven’s Best a call at (205) 739-1880 for a FREE ESTIMATE.  We can make your office furniture look, feel and smell great at a very reasonable price.  Or, why not consider having your furniture cleaned the next time you have your carpets cleaned?  If you clean both at the same time, we will give you an even better deal by bundling them.  It’s never too late to start cleaning your office upholstery.  As well as extending the life of your furniture, your business will benefit from the positive and successful image that a clean and healthy office exhibits to all who walk in.  Stop overlooking your waiting room chairs and have your Office Furniture cleaned at your Doctor or Dentist office in Birmingham AL.   Call Heaven’s Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners today at (205) 739-1880 for a FREE ESTIMATE!  

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