Low Moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Birmingham AL

Do you have olefin or glued-down carpeting at your office or business?  If so, you do not want to use “steam” carpet cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning on it.  The manufacturers of these types of carpets recommend using Low moisture commercial carpet cleaning services to maintain your carpets in Birmingham AL. 

Commercial glue down carpeting is different than the carpet in your home.  In your home, most likely you have a plusher carpet with a thick pad under it.  The fibers are easy to spread apart and this means they get more airflow and therefore will dry quicker when they are wet.  Commercial carpet typically has no pad under it and is glued directly to the floor.  Also if it is olefin, it is densely packed tufts of fiber that are hard to separate.  What this means is that if you get it wet, it is going to take longer to dry because it is so tightly packed together it is hard to create airflow.  Because of these unique characteristics of this type of carpeting, it requires a special type of cleaning that does not use as much water as “steam” or hot water extraction cleaning.  Hot water extraction puts too much water into the fibers and the heat of the water can cause the carpet to become loose and delaminate from the floor. 


Therefore, the best method to use to clean commercial glue down carpeting is either a bonnet or encapsulation process.  Both of these methods use less water.  Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has top of the line equipment to administer both of these processes to ensure you get the most thorough cleaning possible.  By combining these methods, we use chemicals that alter the composition of the dirt so that it is easier to pick up and remove.  We also spray less water onto the carpet, so it can dry much quicker.  Our process is also almost silent, so we can actually clean during business hours if needed.  But, we have flexible schedules and can clean at night or on the weekend.  If you are in need of a carpet cleaning at your office or business in Birmingham AL, call Heaven’s Best today at (205) 618-9150 for a FREE ESTIMATE.  We have the best commercial carpet cleaning rates in Birmingham.  Don’t use the wrong method to clean your commercial carpet, contact Heaven’s Best for the best Low moisture Commercial Capet Cleaning Service in Birmingham AL.  We will assess the type of carpet you have, determine the best method to use to clean it and offer you a great rate.  


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