Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

There are a few different methods for cleaning carpets- hot water extraction and low moisture carpet cleaning are two of the more common methods. At Heaven’s Best we use a low-moisture carpet cleaning process because we believe it is the best method for YOUR carpet. If you’re interested in learning more about our low-moisture carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL read on!

Better for carpet:

When used in large amounts, water can be damaging to your carpet. It can cause it to stretch over time, especially if the carpet gets pushed or pulled in any way while wet. Water may also undo some adhesives, causing the carpet to become loose instead of being attached to the With low-moisture -cleaning, these risks are reduced significantly.

Stays cleaner longer:

Cleaning with chemicals can have a tendency to attract soiling, so if a carpet is too wet after cleaning, it is less likely to stay clean for long, especially in high-traffic areas. This tendency for re-soiling is due primarily to the same reason you would use a moist rag to wipe up a spill rather than a dry one. Water softens up dirt and other particles, and those particles tend to stick to it.

Shorter drying time:

Less water means a shorter drying time. Specifically, low-moisture carpet cleaning methods are defined as any method that requires less than two hours of drying time after the cleaning. This not only means that certain water-related risks are lessened, but it also allows the cleaned carpet to handle traffic again sooner.

More sanitary:

Moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. This creates an obvious health risk, especially since these may grow underneath the carpet and be difficult to extract. With shorter drying times, low-moisture methods give mold and bacteria less time to insert themselves in your carpeting.

Saves water:

The most obvious advantage of low-moisture carpet cleaning is that it saves water. Some methods simply use water more efficiently, while others eliminate it entirely. In any case, the amount of perfectly drinkable water used for chemical cleaning is reduced, meaning more drinking water for everyone.

At Heaven’s Best we believe low-moisture carpet cleaning is the best option not only for leaving your carpets fresh and clean, but also the most responsible for our environment. If you’re looking for low-moisture carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL call us today at 205-739-1880.

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