How to Remove Red Wine from Upholstery in Birmingham, AL

While Red wine may be a favorite drink for parties and social events, it is not very kind to upholstery.  If you’ve already had a spill and are looking for ideas on how to get it out or want to be prepared for possible future mishaps, we can help! Keep reading for tips on how to remove red wine from upholstery in Birmingham, AL. The best weapon against any stain is time! If you catch the stain shortly after the spill you have a greater chance at being able to remove it.  Try to blot up as much of the wine as possible with a clean white towel or paper towels.  Do not rub the stain, this could cause the area to grow making the stain worse – you want to blot it.  After blotting the stain as much as possible, pour club soda on it. Continue blotting the stain until it has lifted completely.

If you discover the stain after it has already dried and set, you can use a simple solution with items you likely already have in your kitchen. Mix 1 tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid with 1 tablespoon white vinegar along with 2 cups of warm water.  Just like a fresh, wet stain you want to make sure you don’t rub the spot but blot it out. Continue this until the stain has completely lifted.  

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