How to Maintain Tile in Birmingham, AL

Chances are your home has tile – in your kitchen, bathrooms, or maybe surrounding your fireplace or in your entryway. If your home is like most and you have even a little bit of tile you may be interested in learning how to maintain tile in Birmingham, AL. Luckily, we have an easy to follow guide for cleaning your tile.

What You’ll Need:



Floor Cleaner of Choice


You’ll want to make sure you choose the right mop for the job. A rope mop is best for cleaning tile and grout, and avoid sponge mops.

If possible, use a mop bucket with an attached wringer for your rope mop. It’s important to get the excess/dirty water out of your mop in between swipes and a mop with an attached wringer is the easiest, fastest way to do so.

Use a strong cleaning solution and hot water for tough jobs and especially dirty or dingy tile and grout. A milder solution will do just fine for the remainder of the floor.

You’ll want to use a toothbrush for areas where the grout has gotten extra dirty or may need a little extra elbow grease to come clean.

You’ll want to replenish your mop bucket with clean water often, otherwise you’ll be pushing dirty water around the floor and making your job that much harder, and twice as long.

We hope you find these tips on how to maintain tile in Birmingham, AL to be helpful. For the BEST professional cleaning service, give Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning a call at 205-739-1880 and we’ll be happy to help get your floors looking shiny and new again!

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