Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning vs Stanley Steemer in Birmingham, AL


If you are in the market for a professional carpet cleaning, you may be thinking of calling Stanley Steemer to schedule an appointment.  If so, please reconsider and call Heaven’s Best instead at (205) 739-1880.  What is the difference between Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning vs Stanley Steemer in Birmingham, AL?  The facts are that Heaven’s Best prices are significantly lower than Stanley Steemer and our service is superior.

If you are looking to get 3 Rooms of carpet cleaned & deodorized, Stanley Steemer charges $189.  They charge $129 to clean 3 Rooms, then they add on an additional $60 for Deodorizer.  We at Heaven’s Best think this is quite high.  You will not pay $189 or even close to that to get 3 Rooms of carpet Cleaned & Deodorized by Heaven’s Best.  The Heaven’s Best price is $29 per Room, or $87 for 3 Rooms.  And the kicker is – We include our FREE CITRUS DEODORIZER in this price.  We don’t charge you an extra $60 or even and extra $5 for Deodorizer.  It is FREE!  You will get 3 Rooms of Carpet Cleaned & Deodorized for only $87. This applies to rooms 200 Sq. Ft. or less.

So, why would you even consider calling Stanley Steemer?  Heaven’s Best prices are less than half the price of Stanley Steemers’.  But, if you are still not sure, check out our numerous 5 Star Reviews on Google.  Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners has the best value for your money on professional Carpet Cleaning throughout the Birmingham metro area.  Heaven’s Best services both Jefferson & Shelby Counties in Alabama.  We take pride in our cleaning services and it shows.  So, if you are concerned with price, Heaven’s Best wins the contest of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning vs Stanley Steemer in Birmingham, AL every day.  Call Heaven’s Best now at (205) 739-1880 to schedule a professional carpet cleaning.  You will want to tell all your friends and family about Heaven’s Best.  Your carpets will not only be clean, your whole house will smell clean & fresh.

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