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Looking for a green carpet cleaner in Hoover, AL? At Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners, we use environmentally friendly solutions that are water-based, citrus formulas with organic deodorizers. We focus on these combinations to ensure a safe environment for you, your family, and pets. We have also included a few other reasons in which Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning is considered a “Green” Carpet Cleaner Company.


Conservation – Many carpet cleaners can use up to 55 gallons of water to clean a home while at Heaven’s Best, 2 gallons is considered the average water usage amount.


Pollution – You will not hear the neighbors complaining of loud noises being emitted from truck mounted systems while your carpets are being cleaned. You will not have to worry about doorways standing wide open for hours allowing pollution in the home for large hoses to run from the truck back into the home.


Safe - Our systems are safer than the “others” when you consider our process makes use of hot tap water rather than a 220 degree hot water extraction process. No worrying about those hot hoses running across your yard and through the home with pets and small children around that could get harmed.


Clean Energy – Our cleaning system makes use of electricity which is considered the cleanest form of energy.


Dumping - Since our process does not use extraction, there is no need for daily disposal of 100's of gallons of soiled water and solutions.


This is our environment too, and we at Heaven's Best are doing our part to keep it clean and safe for everyone. That is why we only use Green Seal Certified® solutions which leave no sticky residue and leave your carpets and furniture smelling fresh and soft to the touch. And since we do not use any harsh chemicals your carpets and furniture will stay cleaner and last longer-which protects your investments and your health!


No carpet cleaning system is as effective, thorough, and environmentally friendly as Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning. So give us a call at 205-618-9150 if you are looking for a GREEN Carpet Cleaner Company in Hoover, AL.


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