Fun Games you can play with your Dog from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham AL

Throwing a ball for your dog over and over again can get boring rather quickly.  But, it is important for our pets to get exercise as well as for us.  So, here are some fun games you can play with your dog from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham, AL. 

1.  Chase Bubbles

Kids love bubbles and guess what? Dogs do, too! Dogs are easily entertained by observing, chasing or snapping at passing bubbles.  Bubbles are cheap and this activity is easy to do.  Just make sure to use pet-safe bubbles that are nontoxic. 

2.  Play Frisbee

Instead of playing fetch, try playing Frisbee with your dog.  Our dogs love to play Frisbee.  A Frisbee saucer lingers longer in the air than a ball, ultimately giving the dog a better chance of catching it in midair. The type of Frisbee that's best for a dog varies depending on the individual but can span from soft flyers that are easy to grip to extra-tough versions for the most vigorous canine athlete.

3.  Play With Water

Chasing after water from a moving outdoor hose is easy entertainment for many water-friendly dogs. Some dogs are delighted to join you in a game of chase as they follow you through the sprinklers. There are even dog toys filled with water to keep them cool during the summer months.  We bought a plastic baby pool and fill it with water.  Then, we throw our dogs favorite plastic toys in.  Our dogs will jump in to get their toy.  It is fun and it cools them off at the same time.

4.  Train Your Pet to Find a Hidden Toy

Discover your canine's ability to search and rescue work by hiding one of their favorite toys and asking them to go find it. For dogs not as crazy about toys, you can hide a food puzzle or chew bone in the yard for them to find. Once the dog catches on, you can up the difficulty by hiding the toy in harder-to-find places, such as in taller grass or under a bucket, as well as putting the dog in a separate area, such as inside the house, before giving the command to "find it."  The game challenges the dog to use his sense of smell, rather than a visual stimulus, to find his target. Then, play a game of fetch or tug as a reward for finding the hidden gem.

These are just a few of the Fun Games you can play with your Dog from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham AL.  As you can see we love dogs at Heaven’s Best, but we don’t like the messes they make.  They can sure make messes on carpets and upholstery.  So, give Heaven’s Best a call at (205) 739-1880 to have your carpets or upholstery cleaned. 

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