Floor Surface Cleaning Tips for Birmingham, AL

This is a great video that will give you some Floor Surface Cleaning Tips for homes in Birmingham, AL. As you will see, she discusses various types of mops and some appropriate uses for those. She will also give you some “Best Practices” tips for each mop that she shares. Below is a quick summary of the mops she discusses:

Deck mops – used best outside on decks and large patio surfaces as they will streak.

Sponge mops – great for floors but if too wet, they can also streak. These are great for cleaning walls too!

Microfiber Mop – These don’t leave streaks either when rung out well and are great for hardwoods and laminates.

Flat Head Mop – allows for your choice of cleaner to be added and the pads to be interchanged when they become too soiled.

Dry Mops – These are for quick and simple dry pick-up times. They can also be handy for walls.

We hope you find these Floor Surface Cleaning Tips useful. Of course, for all those surfaces that need a good thorough cleaning, give Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham, AL a call at 205-618-9150.

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