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Do your carpets look bad at your facility?  Are you getting new carpet in your facility?  If so, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning offers Customized Carpet Cleaning Plans in Birmingham, Hoover & Homewood, AL.  Carpeting is a great option for the flooring in your facility, but it needs to be maintained.

According to recent studies, facility managers are choosing carpeting over other flooring types for their facilities.  Why you may ask?  There are many choices such as tile, vct tile, hard wood or laminate, stone, and other hard-surface flooring types.  But, they are selecting carpeting because it has the qualities of durability, ease of maintenance, function of space, warranty and price, and these are the top five attributes they are looking for in sustainable flooring.  Carpet meets all these criteria!  Carpet also provides other nice features like noise control, aesthetics and slip resistance.  These are all good reasons to choose carpeting for even large facilities.  If you do choose carpeting, you should also consider a carpet maintenance plan.  After the major investment you have made to install carpet, you can extend the life of them by years if you properly clean and maintain them. 


Opting into a maintenance program customized for your facility type is the easiest and best way to ensure your carpets are properly cared for after installation.  And, the best time to implement the program is either before the carpet is installed or soon afterwards.  Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning can help.  We offer a free Carpet Analysis and several different carpet cleaning plans.  We will customize a plan specifically to your needs based on the type of carpet, the amount of traffic and the types of traffic your carpet endures.  We have several types of equipment and cleaning processes to clean all types of carpet and all levels of soil and dirt.  Don’t wait any longer!  Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning today at (205) 618-9150 for a Customized Carpet Cleaning Plan in Birmingham, Hoover & Homewood, AL.  We will come out and analyze your carpet, measure the areas, and put together a FREE ESTIMATE with different options to fit your schedule. 


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