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If you are looking for a great smelling carpet cleaner, Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning fits the bill.  We use the best smelling Citrus Carpet Cleaning Solution in Birmingham AL to clean and deodorize your carpets.  When we clean for you, we use several cleaning products that are all environmentally safe and natural.  First, we vacuum with one of the best commercial vacuums on the market.  Next we pre-spray and pre-spot with a product called Fast Acting Enzyme which starts to break down the dirt and grime in your carpets.  Next, we use three different ingredients in our carpet cleaning solution. The first is Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning solution which is unique to our franchise.  We add to this a Citrus booster which helps the cleanser clean better.  Finally, we add a Citrus Deodorizer which is made from natural oranges and lemons.  This deodorizer is primarily D-limonene, which is both natural and eco-friendly.  It is completely non-toxic and much safer to use than other non-organic chemical solution.

D-limonene is a solvent extracted from natural oil found in the rind of oranges and other citrus fruits. Its production is an offshoot of the fruit juice industry. When the oranges are pressed to extract orange juice, citrus oil is also extracted and distilled through a condensed steam process that results in this fragrant oil.  D-limonene is eco-friendly because it’s biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals.  It’s non-polluting and does not harm the ozone layer. It comes from a renewable source and, when used in our carpet cleaning solution, it does not release any fumes that might contribute to global warming.

The natural qualities of D-limonene make it much safer for use than any non-organic solvents, which usually have caustic components and contain toxic ingredients. In addition to being a non-toxic eco-friendly product, D-limonene is also a highly effective cleaning solution.  It can deal with even the greasiest stains and like other natural citrus oils it has insect-repelling properties as well as mold and mildew inhibitors.

D-limonene is not only better for our planet, but it is also safer for children and pets because it has no harmful fumes. Cleaning with D-limonene is always going to be a much better choice for you, your family, your pets and the planet.

And, it smells great too which means your home will smell clean and fresh after we clean.  If you are in need of a carpet cleaning, call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning today at (205) 618-9150 for and excellent cleaning service and the best Citrus Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham AL.  Along with great smelling cleaning products, we have great rates and our cleaning process is low-moisture so your carpets will be dry in about 1 hour.  Don’t wait any longer; call us today at (205) 618-9150.

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