Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Service in Birmingham, AL

When choosing a carpet cleaning service in Birmingham, AL stick with reputable companies that have good reviews and good word-of-mouth. obtain prices upfront. Stairs can be a little more labor intensive, so most carpet cleaning companies will charge for them separately on a per-step basis. Specials like “3 rooms for $49” may sound like a good deal, but most companies can’t make money with rates like this. They’ll try to sell you “must have” extras like a pre-spotter, deodorizer and anti-static treatments that wind up costing far more than the price you were quoted. If you want an all-inclusive price that includes a pre-spotter and our FREE all-natural citrus based deodorizer call Heaven’s Best. There are never any hidden charges. We are a family owned and run company and treat our customers like they are a part of our family. In between professional cleanings, remember the following three rules to keep those carpets looking fresh and clean.

Vacuum often: The single most important thing you can do to both clean carpets and to prolong their life is vacuum regularly and thoroughly. Did you know it takes seven passes with a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove all the loose dirt out of your carpet?  Most upright, lightweight vacuum cleaner are easy to use and you can easily find one at an affordable price.

Remove stains immediately: After vacuuming, the most important factor in good carpet care is eliminating stains as soon as they happen. The more time a stain has to sit on carpet, the harder it is to remove.

Have your carpets professionally serviced regularly: Lastly, have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. It is recommended that carpets should be professionally cleaned at least every 12-18 months. If you have pets, little ones, or a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home you may want to do this done a little more regularly.

So if you’re in the market for a good carpet cleaning and are working on choosing a carpet cleaning service in Birmingham, AL calls Heaven’s Best today at 205-739-1880 to schedule an appointment today!

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