Carpet, Vinyl and Hardwood Flooring Options in Birmingham AL

Are you looking for ‘just the right’ flooring for your home?  There are many new chooses for flooring.  This article reviews some of the new trends in Carpet, Vinyl and Hardwood Flooring Options in Birmingham AL.  Have you heard about the following trends?

             Carpeting is softer, stain-resistant and eco-friendly?

•             Vinyl is one of the hottest new choices?

•             Engineered wood is replacing hardwoods as a cheaper, yet luxurious option?

Yes, there are many new options that are not conventional anymore.  People are looking for fashionable new flooring that is are attractive as well as durable and sustainable.  If it doesn’t last, it’s not worth it!

 So, before you make that final decision, here is some info on the hottest new trends that are both durable and attractive.  These new flooring chooses will stay timeless over the years:

Engineered Wood:

Hardwoods have been considered a great flooring option because they look good and are also durable.  Indeed, hardwood has always been a regal thing.  It easily blends with your interiors and never goes wrong, no matter what.  In fact, it’s kind of the ‘gold standard,’ and worth every penny you invest in it.

Hardwoods give a traditional, authentic feel to your home and will lasts for eons.  However, more people are now opting for engineered flooring which looks like hardwood but is less expensive and just as durable. It’s a preferred alternative and cheaper option, with the look remaining more or less the same. On its inside, it is all wood, but manufactured in layers. And, its out-and-out durable. This is a great option for those on a budget.


This is a synthetic material which looks like wood or stone.  You can imagine it as a picture of wood or stone glued to some hard surface. It usually comes in the form of planks and square tiles, and is an affordable option.  It is also very easy to install.

Vinyl is becoming one of the top options as it is available in a variety of colors and textures.  It’s wise to install it in those areas of your residence that experience a lot of traffic.

Moreover, vinyl flooring is best for bathrooms because the material is very much water-resistant.


Of course, carpet is still a great choice.  Carpet imparts a cozy, warm feeling to your residence and new technology has created new blends that are stain-resistant as well as durable and comfortable.

And, carpets of today are becoming more and more eco-friendly. There are numerous options ranging from very soft and luxurious to the new shag or frieze.  Many of these new blends are made with scotch guard type protection already applied to the fibers during manufacturing.  Therefore, the carpet will stay cleaner longer. 

Carpet is still an excellent option. In a nutshell, it’s affordable, fashionable, comfortable and also green.  As a matter of fact, carpets are becoming more of lifestyle choice than an aesthetic choice!

 Regardless of what flooring option you choose, Heaven’s Best Carpet and Floor Cleaning can help you clean and maintain them.  Along with carpets, we clean hardwoods, tile and just about any type flooring you have.  If you aren’t quite ready for these new Carpet, Vinyl and Hardwood Flooring Options in Birmingham ALyou may just need a professional cleaning, give Heaven’s Best a call today at (205) 618-9150.  We have saved many of our customers from having to replace their carpeting.  We can clean your carpets so they will last longer.  Don’t wait any longer, call us to today at (205) 618-9150 to schedule a cleaning.

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