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Businesses are turning to Carpet tiles for a great flooring alternative.  Carpet Tiles come in many designs and they are an attractive flooring option if you are looking for a low-cost way to maintain your floors.  And Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners has the proper equipment and cleaning solutions for all your carpet tile cleaning needs in Birmingham, AL Carpet tiles are similar to glue-down carpet. 

Carpet Tile is not much different than the regular olefin glue -own carpet used in most offices and commercial buildings.  The only difference is that they come in square tiles so they are placed down one at a time similar to if you were putting down tile in your kitchen or bathroom.  Carpet tiles offer many great options in maintenance.  One of the major benefits to carpet tile is that you can easily replace sections of it if it gets extremely dirty or damaged. 

The other benefit is that it is very easy to maintain and keep clean.  Carpet Tiles are also glued-down to the surface below so they should not be cleaned with steam cleaning or hot water extraction.  If you use hot water extraction to clean carpet tiles, you could easily loosen the adhesive backing and the tiles could slip or move around.  This could cause a trip hazard.  The best process to clean carpet tiles is to use a low moisture encapsulation method.  Heaven’s Best has all the equipment and cleaning solutions needed to clean carpet tiles using our exclusive low moisture carpet cleaning.  Our cleaning solution is an all-natural citrus based product that is safe for you, your employees and your customers.  And, it has a very strong citrus cleaning agent to get out even the toughest spots and stains. 

So, if you are contemplating whether to install carpet tiles and are worried about the maintenance, don’t worry!  Heaven’s Best can clean and maintain all your carpet and floors for a very low commercial rate.  Contact Heaven’s Best for a FREE ANALYSIS and ESTIMATE for cleaning your carpets or floors.  We also clean hardwood floors, tile and grout, and vct tile.  So, we can handle all your floors for one low price.  Let Heaven’s Best take care of your Carpet Tile Cleaning Needs in Birmingham, AL and keep your facility looking and smelling great.  Call Heaven’s Best now at (205) 739-1880 or use the form below to reach us. 

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