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Do you need help with bad dirt spots and stains in your carpets or rugs?  Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaning has some great cleaning products for Carpet & Rug Stain Removal in Birmingham, AL.  Do you have bad black dirt spots or stains like the ones in this photo?  If so, don’t worry!  We can help.  We have some of the best professional grade cleaning solutions that will remove almost any spot or stain in your carpet, rug, or upholstery.  One of the most common types of spots or stains we see is just plain old black dirt and grime.  Almost everyone gets some sort of black or gray traffic lanes in the common areas and walk ways of their carpets.  Heaven’s Best of Birmingham has an excellent product called Fast Acting Enzyme that we use as a pre-spray before we even start to clean.  This product starts to break down the dirt and grime immediately.  It works extremely well on black traffic lanes and just plain old dirt, dust and grime.  Even if you have light colored or even white carpet, we can get your carpets looking almost like new. 

Along with making your carpet look cleaner and brighter, we also include FREE Deodorizer with all our carpet cleanings.  Other carpet cleaning companies charge for deodorizer, not Heaven’s Best.  We believe that when you get your carpet cleaned, you want it to smell just as clean as it looks.  That’s why we include it with all out cleanings.  Our deodorizer will make your carpet and your whole house smell clean and fresh.  We also use a low-moisture process, so it won’t take days or even hours for your carpets to dry.  It only takes about 1 hour!  Call Heaven’s Best today at (205) 618-9150 and we will thoroughly clean and deodorize your carpet and it will be dry in about 1 hour.  If you need help with carpet & rug stain removal in Birmingham AL, Heaven’s Best is the best place to call.  We have great rates too!  Don’t wait any longer!  Use the form below to contact us today.

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