Carpet Cleaning extends life of Carpet in Birmingham, AL


Did you know that carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet in Birmingham, AL?  Having your carpets cleaned will make them look and smell better, but it also helps extend the life of the carpet.

Most carpet is made of synthetic fibers such as: nylon, olefin, polyester, and some acrylic. These synthetic fibers rarely wear out (except on stairs), instead they ugly out.  What we mean by that is, the fibers crush, or mat down, or flatten out.  You see, your carpets are made up of thousands upon thousands of very small thread-like fibers that are twisted together.  These fibers are basically translucent pieces of plastic. That means that light can pass through them, like a colored Plexiglas. You know how Plexiglas looks after it gets scratched, dull and dirty.  Well, carpets that aren’t cared for can start to look the same.  What makes carpets look bad is gritty soil and sand that is left in the carpet.  Then, when the carpet is walked on this dirt and grit rubs against each of the fibers and damages the actual carpet fibers.  After the fibers have had extensive damage, you can clean the soil and sand out but the damage already done is irreversible.  What this looks like even after cleaning is what we call in the carpet cleaning industry as “traffic lane gray.”  This is why it is important to have your carpets cleaned before they actually start to look bad.  Once they start to look bad, the carpet fibers may already be damaged.  If your carpet fibers are damaged, no matter how often you clean your carpet afterwards, they will not look very good.

As shown in the chart above, if you never clean your carpets they will not last very long, about 3 years.  If you clean them only when they look dirty, they will last longer, around 7 years.  If you cleaning them as recommended by the manufacture, at least once a year, they will last 12 or more years.  So, along with having the wonderful feeling you get from having clean carpets and a clean home, you are preserving your investment by having your carpets cleaned regularly.  So, don’t wait any longer!  Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning today at (205) 618-9150 to schedule your yearly carpet cleaning.  You can’t afford to wait!  Remember, carpet cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet in Birmingham, AL.  Call today!

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