Carpet Cleaning Scams in Birmingham AL

Don’t fall for these Carpet Cleaning Scams in Birmingham AL. Have you seen the recent ads for $9.95 per Room Carpet Cleaning?  If you have, make sure you read the fine print.  This carpet cleaner says they will clean a Room for $9.95, but if you want pre-conditioning, you have to pay $.28 per sq. ft.  If you have a 250 Sq. Ft. room that has traffic lanes, you definitely want to have them pre-sprayed or pre-conditioned.  250 Sq. Ft. x $.28 = $70 per room.  So, after you add the $70 to the $9.95, you are actually paying $79.95 to clean 1 Room.  If you want a real value for your money, call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham.  Our $87.00 3 Room Carpet Special includes Commercial Vacuuming, Pre-conditioning or Pre-spray, our unique Heaven’s Best Cleaning Solution, Citrus Deodorizer and Carpet Grooming.  All of this is included in the $87.00 price and this is for up to 600 Sq. Ft. of space.

If you see an ad for a $9.95 per Room Carpet Cleaning special that sounds too good to be true, it is! Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham to get a great low price and a quality carpet cleaning that will look and smell great. Avoid these Carpet Cleaning Scams in Birmingham AL by calling an IICRC certified Carpet Cleaning Firm like Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning at (205) 618-9150.  You will be glad you did!

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