5 Signs Your Carpet Need to be Professionally Cleaned in Birmingham, AL

Many homeowners believe all they need for carpet cleaning is a vacuum and store-bought cleansers. But did you know even the most popular DIY carpet cleaning methods can’t tackle every tough stain. Here are 5 signs your carpets need to be professionally cleaned in Birmingham, AL.

1. You have children and pets.

If you're a parent with little ones, you probably know the awful feeling of discovering a juice or paint spill or finding dirt tracks that inevitably find their way to your carpet just five minutes after vacuuming. And if you have little ones of the four legged variety you've probably dealt with hefty amounts of drool, m-ud or tiny "surprises" lurking within your home. If this sounds similar to your household then you're probably in need of a good professional carpet cleaning.

2. You have allergies.

If you have allergies, dust, pollen and other particles present in your carpet are even more harmful to your health than normal. A deep carpet cleaning from Heaven’s Best of Birmingham removes and prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria, and even tackles pesky dust mites or bedbugs that may have created homes in your carpets - gross!

3. You can't get rid of those tough stains.

If you have tough stains that just don't seem to come out, don't lose all hope. The trained carpet cleaning professionals at Heaven’s Best of Birmingham have the right skills and professional tools, products and equipment to rid your carpet of what you thought were permanent stains.

4. You want easier maintenance.

Most carpet manufactures agree that it is beneficial to hire a professional carpet cleaning company at least once a year. Annual carpet cleanings allow for easier maintenance on a normal day-to-day basis, allowing for a less time consuming and stressful upkeep routine.

5. You want that "brand new carpet" look again.

Do your carpets look old or discolored or just altogether dingy? Did you know a professional carpet cleaning will get rid of many of the particles and elements causing your carpet to appear faded or tarnished. Freshly deep cleaned carpets brighten up any room, making your home look and feel just as clean and fresh as it did when the carpeting was installed.

If you’ve read over these 5 signs your carpets need to be professionally cleaned in Birmingham, AL and have decided it’s time to have your carpets cleaned, call Heaven’s Best today! We would be honored to serve you and help you get those carpets looking fresh and clean. Call us today at  205-739-1880 and schedule an appointment!

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