5 Cleaning myths and better housecleaning options to try in Birmingham AL


We’ve all heard of some of these cleaning tips that have been passed down from generation to generation and we may think they work well.  The fact of the matter from cleaning experts is that they are not that great.  Here are 5 Cleaning myths and better housecleaning options to try in Birmingham AL. 


Myth 1: Newspaper works great to clean windows

Fact: Wet newspaper tears easily and the ink can transfer to window trim, leaving more to clean.  

Better Option:  Use microfiber cloths to clean glass.  They’re the best at cleaning without streaking.


Myth 2: Coca-Cola belongs in the toilet

Fact: Coke isn’t “it” when it comes to cleaning your toilet bowl. “Coke is acidic, so it could be effective at removing hard water stains,” says Johnson. “But even the Coca-Cola website recommends using other options.”

Better Option:  Use a traditional cleaner or a cleaner specifically made for toilets, such as Lysol.  Bottom line, soda can actually darken stains and the sugar can encourage bacteria.


Myth 3: Handwashing dishes is better than using a dishwasher

Fact: If your dishwasher is a decade old, this may be true, but today’s models beat handwashing by a mile.

Better Option:  Use the dishwasher.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star website, using a dishwasher that bears the Energy Star label can save some 5,000 gallons of water, more than $40 dollars in energy costs, and 230 hours in personal time over the course of a year, versus handwashing. And, because dishwashers heat the water to 140°F, they’ll sanitize the dishes, too.


Myth 4: Coffee freshens garbage disposers

Fact: Coffee grounds may act as a mild abrasive, removing gunk from disposer blades, but they can also clog up your drain.  

Better Option:  Use Baking Soda to clean out your garbage disposal.  It is mildly abrasive, and because it’s a base it will counteract all the smelly acids that we put down the drain.


Myth 5: Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning works the best to clean carpets

Fact: Hot Water Extraction is one of the many methods used to clean carpets that can work if done properly, but if too much water is left in the carpet it can do more harm than good.

Better Option:  Low moisture carpet cleaning works just as well if not better and your carpet dries quicker and you reduce the potential of mold, mildew and delamination of your carpet. 


Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham at (205) 618-9150 for a low-moisture carpet cleaning.  You will receive a thorough carpet cleaning that includes: Commercial vacuuming, our pre-spray and pre-spotter, Heaven’s Best unique Cleaning solution with an added Citrus Booster and FREE Citrus Deodorizer.  Don’t pay too much for Carpet Cleaning and don’t over-soak your carpets, contact Heaven’s Best today to schedule a professional Carpet Cleaning.  Don’t be fooled by these 5 Cleaning myths!  Try these better housecleaning options in Birmingham AL, and give Heaven’s Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning a call at (205) 618-9150 for all your carpet, floor or upholstery cleaning needs.

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