4 Reasons Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors is Important in Birmingham, AL

Cleaning your hardwood floors is a very important factor of owning wooden flooring. Regular cleaning is imperative to keeping those hardwoods looking immaculate. Here are 4 reasons cleaning your hardwood floors is important in Birmingham, AL.  Unfortunately, hardwoods have the potential of deteriorating quickly, losing their shine and even causing you long-term issues over time if they are not cleaned regularly and properly. This article will discuss four reasons why regular cleaning is important.

Hidden Grit: You may think hardwoods don’t need as much vacuuming as carpets, but that just isn’t the case. The difference is you can’t see the grit and dirt as easily as you can on carpets. There is plenty of dirt, dust and grit lurking on those hardwoods and it can get caught underfoot, causing damage to the finish. You can prevent this type of damage by vacuuming on a weekly basis.

Mysterious Clouding: Have you ever noticed that sometimes wood furnishings – including hardwood floors- can begin to look a bit cloudy? There are a number of things that could cause this – hairspray, for example. If you happen to use hairspray while standing on hardwoods it could cause them to begin looking cloudy.

Rain Stains: Be careful about tracking in a lot of water, rain or snow. Water can not only ruin the finish on your hardwoods, but it can damage the wood itself. Make sure you soak up any standing water or water residue to prevent staining and damage.  One way to protect your floors from this is laying a welcome mat at the front of the doorstep.

Easy Wear: Certain areas of your hardwood floors that are walked on frequently can wear the wood finish quickly. You can use a few throw rugs to prevent this.

In addition to taking care of your hardwoods yourself it is important to have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Now you know 4 reasons cleaning your hardwood floors is Important in Birmingham, AL – but for that professionally cleaned look call Heaven’s Best today! We will come out and do a FREE estimate. Call us today at 205-739-1880.

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