3 Simple Steps to Avoid Allergy Triggers from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham, AL

It’s almost spring! The trees are starting to bud and birds are chirping. The weather is getting warmer and the pollen from the trees is ready to attack. If you get that itch in your eyes and nose and start sneezing, you know that this time of year brings the sun and also brings allergy season!  This article provides 3 Simple Steps to Avoid Allergy Triggers from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham, AL. A couple ways to keep allergies at bay are to avoid contact with allergens, or take allergy medication.

While we at Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners are not doctors and can’t help you with medication or shots, we can give you some tips on how to avoid allergens. Now, one way to prevent allergens would be to lock everyone out of the house, rip out all your carpets and drapery.  That is definitely not practical!  A better option is to try the following 3 Steps to Avoid Allergens:   

1. Leave the shoes at the door

The number one way that pollen makes its way into your home is on the bottom of your shoes. It gets tracked into the house and pushed deep into your carpets. If it does not come out of the carpet it can trigger your watery eyes and runny nose. So, having a “no shoes in the house” policy during allergy season will help to reduce allergy triggers tremendously.

2. Vacuum frequently

If taking shoes off at the door just doesn’t happen at your home, there are other options.  First, you can vacuum more frequently. Simply vacuuming your carpets and rugs a couple times a week will help reduce the allergens.  And along with vacuuming, having your carpets professionally cleaned will do wonders for eliminating allergens. Heaven’s Best provides professional carpet cleaning at very affordable rates, so you can get your carpets cleaned more often if you use us.  We are typically about half the price of the larger carpet cleaning companies.  If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned since last spring, it is time to schedule a cleaning.  Carpet manufacturers and the Carpet & Rug Institute recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months.

3. Track the pollen count

There are several sites you can access on the internet that provide pollen count statistics, such as www.pollen.com.  This site predicts future pollen levels based on historical pollen information.  This can help in planning outdoor activities. Try to plan your outside events on days when the pollen count is not high. Or if you can’t avoid outdoor activities, at you can prepare with some extra allergy medicine!

With all this being said, Allergies do not have to adversely affect your life during Spring if you follow these 3 Simple Steps to Avoid Allergy Triggers from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners of Birmingham, ALAnd, remember that one of the easiest ways to combat allergy season is to vacuum your floors and to schedule a professional carpet cleaning.  Please give Heaven’s Best a call at (205) 739-1880 to schedule an appointment.  Your nose and eyes will be happy you called!

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