3 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks in Birmingham Al.

It’s that time again!  Spring has sprung and our to do list just got a little longer with the dreaded spring cleaning task that lies ahead.   Don’t let it get you down or stress you out.  Just follow these 3 simple spring cleaning tips and tricks in Birmingham AL, and find yourself actually enjoying this year’s spring cleaning adventure.

  1. Declutter before you clean

There is no point in killing yourself cleaning until you first get rid of all the unnecessary things cluttering up your home.Going through and filtering out the things you don’t need can be so fulfilling.Not only do you make your home less cluttered, you can take these items and donate them to those in need or sell them for a little extra cash in your pocket.Either way it’s a win-win.The closets and garage always seem to be the first go to move, but once that done move on to decluttering those kitchen cabinets and under the bed spaces.We tend to accumulate things in both these locations and often forget or overlook them.You know you have a ton of promotional cups in those cabinets that can be thrown out and as far as under the beds, well that can be just about anything.Whatever you come across, just remember the one-year rule: if it hasn’t been of any use in the last year, get rid of it!  Not only does our home need to be decluttered, but so does our personal life.Remember to go through and clean up your phone and social media pages.The less clutter you have in your personal life, the less stress you will feel.

  1.  Make a doable to-do list or checklist

It is called a to-do list for a reason.It should be made up of things you CAN do.The number one mistake we can make is setting ourselves up for failure by making our to do list unobtainable.So, what all should be on your spring cleaning list?Don’t fret, you will find the perfect cleaning checklist below.Feel free to use it exactly as is or just as a guide to making your own.You want to be thorough, but you also want to be realistic.Stick to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie) and you can’t miss!

  1.  Put your to-do list into action

Once you have your to-do list created don’t expect to knock it all out in one weekend.Even superwoman can’t do that!Pace yourself and set aside a room per day if you are a real go getter or take it slow and complete one room a weekend and all will be finished by the end of spring.Don’t forget to make the cleaning FUN!Include the family and make fun games out of it for the kids.There is nothing like a little friendly competition to get your children motivated and distract them from what they are actually doing – cleaning.Don’t be afraid to include yourself into the games.Kids love competing against their parents, plus you get to feel like a kid again!

These 3 simple spring cleaning tips and tricks in Birmingham AL can ease the stress we all feel this time of year.Remember, first weed out the clutter, then make a reasonable spring cleaning check list and finally put the to-do list into action with an appropriate time frame.If you find yourself needing a little break let Heaven’s Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners take care of your carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning. Fill out the form below or call us at (205)739-1880.We specialize in carpets, hardwoods, tile, grout, upholstery and a whole lot more.Call today for our honest, friendly, professional and satisfaction guaranteed service.We are here to help you!

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