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Reasons to hire Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning, Fast Dry Time 

7 Reasons to Hire Heaven's Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners 

  1.  Low moisture carpet cleaning process – Heaven's Best uses a low moisture cleaning method.  What this means is we use less water on your carpets so they do not get as wet and they do not stay wet for hours or even days.  Your carpets will be thoroughly clean and dry in about 1 hour with our process. In the past, with the typical steam cleaning process, your carpets were soaked and could take hours or even days to dry.  With new technology and equipment, we are able to clean your carpets without pumping tons of water on them, so you don’t have to wait around forever to walk on your carpet.  You can get back to your life and the things that really matter to you quickly.

  2.  Environmentally safe cleaning products – All of our cleaning products are environmentally safe.  They are made of organic products with a citrus base.  This means they are safe for you, your children, your family, your pets and the environment.  You do not have to worry about your children or pets sitting on the carpets after we clean them.  Your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned, and safe to sit on, and the air is safe to breathe after a Heaven’s Best cleaning.  And, your carpets and your home will have a fresh citrus smell after we clean.

  3.  IICRC certified – Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners is an IICRC certified firm.  What does this mean?  IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  They are the organization that sets the standards for carpet cleaning throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  They also offer training and testing for companies that take their cleaning seriously.  Heaven's Best follows all the guidelines set out by the IICRC.  This means that we have passed all the stringent standards set out by the IICRC on how we run and conduct our business professionally.  IICRC standards include honesty, integrity, and competency in Carpet Cleaning and dealing with consumers. We also have measures in place to deal with any consumer complaints.  And, our carpet technicians have attended IICRC training coursed and have had hands on training as well as testing to affirm that they have learned the proper techniques to clean carpets.  You can rest assured that you will get professional, honest service when you call Heaven's Best.

  4. Licensed and Insured – Heaven’s Best Carpet & Rug Cleaners carries all the required licenses and insurance.  We also carry a $2 million liability policy to cover any accidents that could possibly occur in a customer’s home or business.  Although we have never had to use it, we want you, your family or your business to feel secure that when we come into your home or establishment, we are going to do no harm and leave it clean and fresh.

  5.  5 Star Reviews – Heaven’s Best customers love us and our services and they are not afraid to talk about us to their friends and family.  They also like to tell others about our services.  This is why we have so many 5 Star reviews on Google.  Some of the things our customers have said about us include:                                                                                                                      •    Excellent job at fair price
    •    Should be named Heaven Sent
    •    Professional and Courteous
    •    Best rates in Birmingham
    •    Awesome!  
    •    Wonderful!
    •    Great Job!  Check out more of our 5-Star Google Reviews here


  6.  Excellent Customer Service – We at Heaven’s Best go out of our way to help our customers.  We try to make our carpet cleaning service an enjoyable process rather than a burden to you. As you may have seen with our reviews, we try to go above and beyond with our cleaning services.  Every job we do, we try to live up to our name "Heaven's Best."  We love kids, pets and families and we treat your family and home with respect and courtesy. 

  7.  Great Rates – So, you are probably thinking that with all these great benefits and service, are you going to have to pay more?  The answer is NO!  Along with offering excellent services, we also offer Great Rates.  We are a small family run business.  Because we are small, we do not have massive overhead like other companies.  Therefore, we are able to offer you very good rates and the best value for your money.  Call Heaven's Best now at (205) 739-1880 to find out our current specials.  

   Heaven's Best IICRC certified technicians      IICRC CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS & FIRM

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning is an IICRC Certified Firm               

What does this mean?

If you aren’t sure who to choose to clean your carpets, your best bet is to choose an IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner.  Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC for short.  The IICRC sets standards for the carpet cleaning industry in more than 25 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.  They offer certification classes to ensure carpet cleaners are using the most current processes and techniques for cleaning your carpets.  In order for a company to become certified, their technicians must attend yearly training classes and must pass tough exams that assess their knowledge in order to receive certification.  Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham’s Technicians are all IICRC certified and the firm is also certified.

In order for a company to become certified by the IICRC, they must abide by the strict IICRC standards of professionalism which include honesty, integrity, and competency in Carpet Cleaning and dealing with consumers. 

A certified IICRC firm must maintain all required licenses, permits and bonds, as well as carry adequate insurance to protect consumers.  Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning carries a $2 million liability policy to cover any accidents that occur in a customer’s home or business. 

Heaven’s Best of Birmingham promotes continued training and learning for all our staff so we are able to offer the most current technology and processes to properly clean your carpets and floors. 

As an IICRC certified firm, we are bound to provide consumers with accurate information regarding our prices, services and products.  Bait-and-switch operators are prevalent in the carpet cleaning industry, but this does not mean that all carpet cleaners are rip-off artists. How do you know who is and who is not?  The easiest way to pick a carpet cleaner is to find one that is IICRC certified.  The IICRC is a leader in taking action to help eliminate unprofessional workmanship and unethical tactics.  So, if you go to the IICRC website and enter in your zip code, it will list all the certified firms in your area.  If you are looking for a Certified Professional Carpet Cleaner in Birmingham AL you will find Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham on the IICRC’s list of certified firms. 


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